REPAIR is a unique gel that uses plant-based and naturally occurring ingredients to encourage an increase in skin/ nerve/muscle/tissue repair and for pain relief. REPAIR is specifically designed to relieve pain, speed up the healing process while replacing current invasive prescription prophylactics.

Within REPAIR are 30 of the most ancient and cutting-edge ingredients that will hopefully move the current thinking away from prescription and specifically detrimental drugs and toward the “healing without harm” philosophy.

Reported effects of REPAIR include:

  1. Near immediate relief of superficial pain
  2. Restoration of healthy movement
  3. Promotion of healing

Recommended Uses for REPAIR

  • Auto-Immune Conditions, Arthritis, Bacterial Infections/MRSA
  • Bug Bites, Burns, Bruises, Cuts, Diabetic Nerve Pain, Fibromyalgia
  • Migraines/Headaches, Muscular Sclerosis, Neuropathy, Plantar Fasciitis, Post-Surgery Pain
  • Scar healing, Sprains, Stiffness, Stomach Upset, Sore Throat
  • Tendonitis, Tinnitus, Tooth Aches, Traumatized Skin

The myriad of issues that are impacted by REPAIR is extensive but, at present, not fully understood so additional and extensive research for disease application is ongoing.

For more information about the healing properties of REPAIR check out these testimonials:

Post Surgery and Diabetic Nerve Pain (Dave)

MRSA (Anita)

Torn Shoulder Muscle (Vinny)

Plantar Fasciitis (Rick)

Burn, 3rd Degree (Caroline)

Back Surgery

It’s MAGIC! When I could no longer receive the liquid methadone for my back inflammation, this is the ONLY thing that works! And after 33 years, I have tried everything! You are miracle workers!

Dave A. Long, Beach, CA – Back Inflammation


After an all-day celebration, I felt a migraine coming on. I rubbed Repair on my forehead and around my eyes. I was shocked that it worked within 5 minutes. It was great to go to my next event pain free!

Craig P. USC, Los Angeles – Migraines

Chronic Inflammatory Disease

I suffer from increased joint and muscle pain due to a chronic inflammatory disease and experience pain on a daily basis. I was asked to use the product Repair to see if the product would alleviate some or all of the joint/muscle pain. In addition to the regular pain I experience, I injured my upper shoulder/arm area which resulted in what the doctor diagnosed as a frozen shoulder. I tried the product on the area of my upper arm. Before using the product, my upper arm area was in moderate to severe pain and I could not raise my arm hardly at all. I applied the product about two times a day on the affected arm area and started to notice some pain relief in about three days. After about five days I could definitely feel about 80% pain relief and recovered almost full range of motion in my arm. I normally have to have a cortisone injection to get any pain relief when I experience a frozen shoulder.
The product was easily absorbed in the skin and had a very pleasant aroma. It was not sticky at all as most ointments can be and did not adhere to my clothing. I would definitely recommend the product to relieve any muscle and joint pain that one might experience. I plan to use it on other muscle/joints areas where I experience pain. Thank you,

Sherry M., Irvine, CA – Chronic Inflammatory Disease

Sprained Ankle

I just had to report in on your new product. I know Ernie has been swearing by it for various maladies, but I sprained my ankle on Monday afternoon. I did all the right things, iced, elevated, walked as little as possible. Tuesday it was red, swollen and very sore. I put some of your “secret sauce” on it yesterday in the evening, and again before bed. It was almost completely healed by this afternoon! What the heck is in that stuff??!! It’s a miracle cure!
Thanks so much for sharing!!

Diane W., Los Angeles, CA – Sprained Ankle


I had foot surgery on August 24th, 2018, which resulted in home healthcare staff coming to my house twice a week for almost four months! The incision would not heal in all that time because of two bacterial infections, one of which was MRSA! I received Key Origins REPAIR before Thanksgiving and started using it daily. In less than ONE MONTH, the incision completely closed up and was healed. I am so grateful for the positive results! I am happy to recommend this product.

Anita Rice, Psy.D. – Yorba Linda, CA

Multiple Sclerosis

The treatments have been a wonderful blessing to me to cope with the chronic pains that I’ve been suffering from multiple sclerosis. I have found that it works best when I rub it on my soles of my feet and spine. Often, I cannot sleep at night due to the pain that I suffer, however with this treatment I find that I am comforted through my pains and able to get a full night’s sleep. I’m not sure if I will ever be healed from my multiple sclerosis, however just the fact that I can manage through the pain is such a blessing and gives me a better quality of life. I also like the fact that it is odorless and is not messy nor sticky. I truly love this product.

Gina R., Irvine, CA – Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Multiple Sclerosis

I suffer from MS and have significant issues such as muscle locking. I found the product through my chiropractor after a treatment when my muscles suddenly locked-up. It was a sample given to him and I was desperate! Within mere minutes of application my muscles miraculously unlocked. I have used this product for over 10 years and I have found that it is equally effective when I dilute it 50% with water. I literally cannot survive without Repair and carry it my purse wherever I go.

Nikki N., Seattle, WA – MS sufferer as told to Caroline Key

Planter Fasciitis

I was originally interested in the treatments for my wife to help her with her pain arising from multiple sclerosis, which by the way worked miracles for her. I was then pleasantly surprise how well it worked for my planter fasciitis for both of my feet. For my left foot it practically worked overnight, and for my right foot which was more severe and I had been suffering with the pain for over 4 months, took approximately a little over a week and I was able to run and cycle again without any pain. What a blessing it was that I was introduced to the treatment, as I was really missing the ability to participate in sports. I was also very surprised how easy and convenient I was able to apply the treatment with no mess nor strong smells. This is a fantastic product I am so happy with my results.

Rick P., Irvine, CA – Planter Fasciitis