About Us

Key Origins, Inc. is a health company dedicated to improving the lives of ill people through pain/symptom reduction, and healing!

It is our goal to view the homeostasis of the human body as natural and to utilize but speed up the healing process using the most unexpected but brilliant applications found in nature.

Medicine’s first mandate is to “do no harm” and it is to this goal that Key Origins, Inc. adheres and has produced REPAIR, RETREAT and RESTORE.  With the formulation of these three products, healing has moved to a new level by combining the sciences of homeopathy and bio-technology to insure deep and effective non-invasive internal efficacy.

Come join us in a paradigm shift of thinking where side effects, addictive properties, and masking symptoms (versus true healing) have no meaning. REPAIR, RETREAT, and RESTORE are the new wave of healing!

Thank you for your support and participation.

Caroline Key & Lynne Pirtle